Cryptocurrency in Africa

Africa’s population currently sits at 1.216Billion people according to the Google Machine. According to a recent article, Africans only have 82.2 million smartphones, or less than 7% of the population currently possesses a smartphone. By 2025 Bloomberg predicts that 800 million more Africans, spread across 54 countries, will have access to mobile internet. Why is this Important for Africans? and how can cryptocurrencies help?

First, why is this important to Africans? Africans will now have access to 21st technlogy and be connected to the world wide web via internet for the very first time. This means communiacting with friends and reletives in nearby cities, closing the divide in digital development, improving health care, contributing to economic growth, increasing access to educational resources, and hopefully reducing poverty by gaining access to a luxury most of us take for granted. In “developed” countries (I hate that term), there is an estimated 82% of people who have access to smart phones and the internet. Closing this divide will hopefully bring prosperity to the continent and also bring life changing socio-economic opportunities that access to the internet provides. Improving health care saves lives. Access to educational resources can only advance society, and lessening poverty is essential. Next, we need to discuss cryptocurrencies role in this development.

What qualities of a cryptocurrency are needed in Africa to help maximize prosperity? First and foremost, speed and affordability. This counts Bitcoin (in its current form) out of the running. Africans will need a currency that they can send for fractions of a U.S. penny. When trying to become a major player in the world economy, every fraction that can be kept in the local economy, the better. Bitcoin currently does not offer Africans the affordability to make multiple small transfers back and forth and lead their economies into the future. They will also require their cryptocurrency to keep a record of not only sales, but also keep records of any and all assets. With crooked governments and greed already overtaking the exploding economies of multiple African countries (Thanks China!), don’t think for a second that this greed will not consume the lowest class as a whole and attempt to take every piece of property and asset that the African people rightfully have the claim to. Modern Imperialism has been using this tactic for greater than a century already and Africa is the main target of 2019 and beyond. To protect themselves, Africans need to make sure every asset that they own is recorded on a decentralized ledger, proving they own their property, house, vehicle, etc. Perhaps the most important part of any cryptocurrency for use in Africa is decentralization. This will prevent Governments and outside influencers from easily manipulating the currency and records of assets.

Bitcoin does not currently offer these neccesary functionalities to serve these people. It is too expensive, too slow, and IMO not decentralized enough (remember the Chinese). Litecoin is a huge step in the right direction. It is 4x faster than Bitcoin, insanely cheaper to transact (and the potential for even faster transactions expected with Lightning Network), and more decentralized. However, as great as Litecoin is, I see it serving a different purpose. I see Litecoin becoming a decentralized currency for most of the “developed” world. It will remain cheap and fast for the majority, but by the time Litecoin reaches $10,000 U.S. dollars, it will no longer be a viable option for on-chain transactions. Since Bitcoin is a hard no, and Litecoin’s popularity driving it out of contention, then which cryptocurrency arises to all of these needs? If you have read any of my previous posts, then you already know the answer to his question.

Digibyte! Is Digibyte fast and cheap? Absolutely. Even if Digibyte becomes the only currency used on the entire continent of Africa, there would still be nearly 20 Digibyte per person. With the ability to handle 280,000 TPS (transaction per second) by 2035, Digibyte will maintain its blazing fast speed while allowing 164x the transactions that Visa currently proccesses. Doing all of these transactions on chain ensures a 3rd party will never have to be relied upon, keeping the essential decentralization needed. To digitilaize all current assets,Digibyte already has “DigiAssets” live on the blockchain. Do you own property? A House? A vehicle? put all of your assets on the completely decentralized blockchain, Nobody can ever try to take what is rightfully yours, as there is now proof that will forever exist on the Digibyte Blockchain as proof of ownership.

If you hae any questions regarding Digibyte, please visit Digibyte.IO. The community is all volunteers and not a single one is paid (not even Jared Tate), but all are willing to answer any question you might have about setting up a wallet, DigiAssets, or anything Digibyte related. To quote a member of the Digbyte community “I came for the tech, but stayed for the community”. Cheers!

The Year 2035 (According to Google News)

         The year is 2035. I want to take you on some journey 16 years into the future. I do this by Googling the year 2035 and looking at recent news articles (very scientific, I know). It turns out that the year 2035 has been used as an important bench mark for an overwhelming amount of future goals and plans. Some are pleasant, most paint a bleak picture of the not so distant future.  Let’s strap on our self-driving Tesla seat belts and sit back and enjoy our lab grown meat while we go on this adventure together.

         First, we will look at the future Earth and climate. According to the firm Wood Mackenzie, Oil will be at its peak production in the year 2035. That means another solid 16 years of increasing global demand for dead dinosaurs. 16 more years of increasing global pollution. 16 more years of parabolic rise in earth’s temperature. Will we be on fire and the coasts be completely underwater? No. But according to numerous reports including this one by Science Daily, if governments do not act decisively by 2035 to fight climate change, humanity would likely cross a point of no return. This means our governments better get their Sh*t together and soon.  There is some encouraging news and some governments are making plans to become completely carbon neutral by………you guessed it, 2035. This includes Finland and numerous other countries and cities worldwide, but we need a giant collective effort between all governments to truly accomplish the goal of slowing the rise of Earth’s climate.

          Some other factors related to Earth’s climate and our growing population include the end of animal agriculture. Companies such as “impossible Foods” and “Beyond Meat” have looked at taking the world over 1 “fake” beef patty at a time. The cost of the meatless products has been rapidly declining and could be cheaper than traditional beef as soon as 2020.  This will help reduce carbon emissions and provide us with alternatives to mass commercial farming. For the first time in U.S. history old people (over 65) will outnumber young people (under 18) according to the census bureau.  International migration is set to overtake natural population growth by 2035, ensuring the United States becomes even more racially and ethnically diverse. Urbinization will reach 70% by 2035 in China. China is projected to have 10+ megacities (cities of greater than 10,000,000+) by this time. If you think traffic is unbearable now, wait until we have a bunch of baby boomers moving to the cities. Our crumbling infrastructure will now be clogged with over the hill whiners listening to a mummified Rush Limbaugh talking about how Hillary Clinton stole their Social Security.

          Now for the fun part, the financial system of the future. The 2019 Trustees Report shows that Social Security will be insolvent by 2035. At that time, it would only cover around 77% of benefits scheduled to be paid out. With the aforementioned aging population of the U.S., this becomes one of the largest crises in American History. With the elderly not being able to afford everyday goods and housing and jobs being overtaken by AI (ohh, we will touch on that in a bit), our elderly are downright screwed. This problem doesn’t just exist in the United States, as the other current economic superpower China is feeling the same squeeze. China’s pension system is also set to dry up by 2035. This will ruin financial markets world wide and governments will be in panic mode trying to prevent the absolute destruction of world financial markets. At the same time all of this financial turmoil is happening, Artificial Intelligence is stealing our jobs at an alarming rate. AI will displace 40% of world’s workers by 2035. With no work to go around and an aging population struggling to make ends meet, how does the future financial system look in 2035? How do we combat the current system and create a financial system of the future?        

Lucky for us, there is one more important milestone that is set to happen in the year 2035. The last Digibyte will be mined and the Digibyte Blockchain has positioned itself beautifully for being a prime player in the new world financial system. Digibyte has plans in place for scalability and infrastructure to act as world payment system. That system currently comes with the ability to store our assets digitally (DigiAssets) and securely login safely using encryption (Digi-ID), all while keeping our wealth in our own hands and away from governments and financial institutions.  Privacy features (Dandelion) already exist to keep these transactions private. Digibyte will be handling 280,000 transactions per second (Visa currently does  roughly 1,700 transactions per second) by 2035. Will Digibyte or any blockchain technology save us from all these problems that will exist in a mere 16 years? Probably not, but it has been designed by forward thinkers that have the year 2035 in mind.

$4.10 Digibyte During Next Bull Run?

So, I will start with the fact that my math skills are par at best. I am no Einstein and I am not claiming to be. I do however have my basic 3rd grade math skills still floating around in this scattered brain of mine somewhere. Let’s start with Bitcoin (The O.G. of cryptos). When I arrived in this crypto space, like most of you, I had only heard about Bitcoin. Bitcoin was a magical internet money that I could use to gamble. Bitcoin was hovering around $200-225 when I arrived in 2015. People would talk on Reddit and other platforms of the day Bitcoin might hit $20,000, and I would laugh to myself (I had to laugh by myself, because nobody else cared about crypto) and think that it was not only impossible that number would be reached in my lifetime, but  the government would definitely shut it down if it were ever to get remotely close to that number. Some crazies were even talking about a million dollar Bitcoin (long before John McAfee) and I was thinking I would eat my own penis if that happened (please Google John McAfee Bitcoin penis if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Now 4 years later, Bitcoin has already hit that magical number of $20,000 and proven that a million dollars is not only reachable in my lifetime, but even in the next 10-15 years it is a very real possibility. I have personally witnessed Bitcoin do 100x gains in under 2 years, and it has done so multiple times in its short history. Lets look at a conservative number and talk about a 100x gains in Bitcoin from its new 2019 low of around 3,200 according to Coin Market Cap. It is not unrealistic to say another 100x run will occur in the next 10-15 years (if not sooner). This would put Bitcoin at $320,000 each.


Okay, now that we all agree on Bitcoin’s possible price (lol), lets discuss Digibyte! Digibyte had a price of $.014 on December 12th, 2017, or 85 satoshis. Bitcoin was already well on its way to the top on December 12th, 2017 and was around $17,491. It is important to note that altcoins have historically lagged behind their master, so no need to be discouraged when watching Bitcoin rise astronomically and Digibyte is losing Satoshi value. Over the next 4 weeks, Bitcoin found its all time high, and by January 9th it was retracing and back to $14,895. In that same 4 weeks Digibyte seen its price rise from $0.014 (85 satoshis) to $0.1202 (801 satoshis) by January 9th. That is roughly a 9.5x increase in satoshis. Now I attempt to do some math using current numbers:

Bitcoin Price Today (May 9th, 2019): $6,125 (bull run?)

Digibyte Price Today (May 9th, 2019): $0.01 (exactly .01 as I look at CMC, makes for easy math) or 166 satoshis.

Lets assume that a bull run has already started and we see another 50x run on Bitcoin starting today.

Bitcoin: $6125 x 50 = $306,250

Digibyte: 166 satoshis x 9.5 = 1,577 satoshis.

Now lets assume the next run perfectly mirrors the last bull run. Bitcoin retraces 15% in the following 4 weeks.

Bitcoin: $306,250 x .85 = $260,312.50

Digibyte: $260,312.5 x .00001577 = $4.10

This assumes Digibyte maintains its satoshi value it currently holds of course which is almost double where it was before the last Digibyte bull run. Again, I am no math wiz, but I feel like this is definitely possible in the next few years. If Digibyte could climb in Satoshi value and CMC rank before the height of the next bull run, this number could be a lot higher, and even it falls to its previous levels of satoshi value, you would still be looking at a value of over $2.00 per Digibyte. Remember, the future of the whole Crypto/blockchain space is bright, and this coin shines a little brighter than most.



Modern Imperialism

The age of imperialism seems to be a forgotten past. Rarely do we see the type of forceful invasion of another country as we have experienced for hundreds of years on this God forsaken planet. Rarely do we see men march to certain death at the command of tyrannical leaders. Does this mean imperialism is dead?

If we pull away the veil and abandon our antiquated views of the word, we discover our new bride is the same whore in better disguise. It is no longer in a governments best interest to blatantly rape and pillage. Those tactics are only used for theatrics in the 21st century. Imperialism in modern times does not attempt to hide, instead it follows like your shadow mimics your every movement only noticed when a child gleefully mentions its existence.

A wise man once said “Money is the root of all evil”. What that wise man failed to mention is money is the root, but also the fruit that evil bears. At some point after the industrial revolution it was discovered that blood shed, though effective, was feeble compared to the cancer named materialism. Materialism in the United States peaked near the middle of the the century and was sold under the guise of prosperity to the American people. Patriotism was not only deemed mandatory, but our possessions encouraged our self-conceit. Control now became as simple as inflating ego, which is unsurprisingly elementary. The formula is to distribute sufficient wealth to individuals to purchase meaningless possessions and give appearance of affluence, in return they grant obedience.

Governments quickly realized triumph and started planning expansion using this method. The United States was the first to perfect this form of imperialism and successfully used these tactics to overthrow governments, influence elections, and indoctrinate as many of earth’s inhabitants it could reach. With the rise of the internet, this gave other governments a level playing field and we are seeing the evolution of imperialism take form right in front of our greedy little eyes.

There is only one path to escape and the four lane highway leads to financial freedom. To rise above the fiery grip of these oppressors we must take back our wealth. Only when this happens, do we get to taste the remarkable independence not even our forefathers have experienced. We must fight fire with freedom, pain with opportunity, strain with aspiration, and oppression with DEMOCRACY. Take back our worth and victory is inevitable.

P.S. – Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin,Digibyte 🙂


What is the Best Way to Promote Digibyte?

From Spamming to Space Shuttles

Digibyte is an open source, decentralized blockchain. Therefore, there is no ICO money to throw around at exchanges or “influencers”. All Digibyte developers, community members, and supporters are all non-paid volunteers. There are numerous people like myself who take time out of their day to write blogs, create Youtube content, share and create twitter posts, help support on Telegram, etc. These ways of supporting the community are all great, but without money it seems like it is nearly impossible to create “buzz” around this blockchain. Spamming on Social Media, or spamming via sticker awareness like Digibyte Spammers on Instagram seems to create more annoyance than actual adoption. Creating Digibyte specific marketing is amazing, yet seems to have a hard time branching outside of the core Digibyte community. So how do we create FOMO? How do we create hysteria? How do we create the next “can’t miss investment”?

What do all the coins in the Top 7 have in common? Visible or Celebrity like leaders. Bitcoin has the mysterious Satoshi Nakamato. Litecoin has everybody’s favorite uncle Charlie Lee, EOS has the lovable nerd Dan Larimer and child actor and fellow Minnesotan Brock Pierce. Ethereum has the “boy genius” himself – Vitalik Buterin. XRP may not have a celebrity like figure at the top, but they can pay the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres to promote their coin. Bitcoin Cash has Roger Ver. Binance Coin has CZ and the power of fraud. Even though all of these gentlemen are not universally loved, they all have huge influence in the space and make themselves visible. They spend more time promoting then they do developing these days. I personally think it is time for Jared Tate to take that next step from nerdy coder living in the shadows, to the celebrity we need. He is more likable than most of these other guys and has more personality to boot.

Who created Bitcoin and what for? Satoshi Nakamato and the other initial developers such as Hal Finney, Nick Szabo, Craig S. Wright, Gavin Andersen, etc. all started Bitcoin with one goal in mind. Create an open sourced blockchain that could be used as a peer-to-peer cash system. This would allow “The People” to control their own finances and be free from the confines of government fiat control. A system that could not be controlled by politics, the rich, or the powerful. A system where “we” controlled it. I think it was no coincidence that the other headline captured in the newspaper article on Bitcoin’s Genesis Block reads: “Israel Prepares to Send Tanks and Troops into Gaza”. With this in mind, I believe our community needs to target the men who made Bitcoin a reality. These are the gentlemen that hold the same ideals Digibyte represents. Bitcoin and its forks seem to be caught up in scaling debates and politics and is a far cry from what Satoshi envisioned. It is my belief that Digibyte is what Satoshi had envisioned and what could finally lead society into a peer-to-peer cash system. Scaling solved, low Tx fees, decentralized, grass roots, etc. I think it would be in our best interest to promote Digibyte to this group and welcome them into the Digibyte community where they can once again develop Satoshi’s true vision.

What are some other projects which have succeeded using only a grass roots movement? Bitcoin – The original crypto which started with an idea and evolved into a powerhouse. The original developers were impassioned by morals and integrity not greed, like so much of the others. Still to this day, much of Bitcoin’s success is owed to grass roots, word of mouth adoption. The media coverage and other attention it receives is not from paid promotion or celebrity influencers, but relies on its own merit. Dogecoin – Created as a meme and meant to be a silly joke, Dogecoin turned into maybe the largest of the grass roots movement. People to this day still buy and trade this coin and still come together as a community for fundraising and charity causes. Dogecoin proves that sometimes it is not the technology or the celebrity, but rather the staying power of the internet and a meme. Digibyte – though not as popular as the first 2, there is something to be said about the following and devotion of many in this community. Perennially a Top 50 coin on CMC and one of a few that is based on morals and integrity, Digibyte holds strong in the ever changing world of ICO’s and get-rich-quick scam coins.

So how do you think Digibyte should market itself? Stay the current path and continue its rise as a grass roots blockchain? Jared Tate become “the face of Digibyte” and be more visible? Try to bring in Bitcoin O.G.’s (Original Gangsters) that helped create an entire ecosystem and sell them on Digibyte’s vision? Continue using Social Media as a platform to spread Digibyte Awareness? Please let me know how you would like to see Digibyte move forward.

Ode To Crypto

Controlling our minds and destroying our self

The time has come to take back our wealth

No central authority can shut us down

Blockchain arrived and stole their crown

Governments will try, but fail to destroy it

Satoshi ensured our gun holds the bullet

The bankers will be the first of the fallen

Wealth is frightened, at which point it’s all in

The code will be based on honor and promise

Crypto is the future of commerce

Let’s all join forces and win the fight

Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Digibyte

Money is Power

Power is Control

Crypto is Money

Crypto is Control

What is Digibyte’s Greatest Feature or Asset?

I’m Back! I want to thank every one of you who took the time to read my first post “My Crypto Journey”. Thank you all for the kind words, the words of encouragement, and for sharing some of your own personal stories. A fun feature that is included with my WordPress™ subscription is the “stats” tab.  Using this feature I am able to see exactly which country each and every visitor hails from (unless y’all are spoofing your location using a VPN). To say Digibyte is a decentralized, global blockchain would be pretty accurate based on my anecdotal evidence. In less than a week my blog received 100+ unique visitors from 24 countries. Visitors to the site clicked from all over the world. From the United States, to Slovenia, to China, to Chile, to Australia, and even 1 visitor from Jersey (the country, not the state). The strength and reach of the Digibyte community is something to behold. I tweeted out the link to that first post and it has received at least 27 re-tweets and 75+ likes. That may not sound overly impressive, but when you consider the fact that prior to that tweet I had a grand total of 3 followers (not a typo, that says 3 followers), I’d say those numbers are insane. I would also like to shout out all of the people on Reddit and Telegram who gave me love and likes on those platforms. Anyway, enough babble, time to get to the new entry.

What is Digibyte’s Greatest Asset or Feature?

This is my attempt to list the things that make Digibyte the greatest blockchain on planet earth, and then try to add my own personal description and commentary on the subject matter. First, I will list the honorable mentions, then at the end I will give what I believe are the top 3 assets or features. Without further ado.

  • Digi ID – Open source project that allows users to login to nearly any account using the safety and security of the Digibyte blockchain. No more need to remember a 43 character password that must contain at least 1 of each of the following: Symbol, Number, Uppercase Letter, The Blood of Christ, and a Strand of Hair from your Neighbor’s 2nd Born Child. Digi ID will simplify any login by only requiring a QR code scan. This will then send an encrypted message to the website containing the login information.
  • Digi Assets – Tokenizing of assets on the Digibyte blockchain. Digibyte has already been a leader in security and speed, now it aims to be a leader in the token game. Move over Ravencoin and Ethereum, Digibyte is here to improve the usability and scalability of tokens by creating easy to use tools and interfaces. This will allow a person such as myself (I have the technical background of a 2-year-old chimp) to easily create and transact tokenized assets on the Digibyte  blockchain. Though it has not been officially released, I imagine an online marketplace where the end-user does not know or care how the tech works, but knows that all assets are legit and fraud proof.
  • Dandelion – Security layer soon to be implemented on the Digibyte Core. Will make it difficult to identify the users IP address, so that way you know your stash isn’t subject to a physical attack by a thug stalker, who also happens to be a tech genius (hey, you never know).
  • 100+ Exchanges – Do you want to cash out your DGB for fiat (boooooo!), or swap to other cool projects such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Vertcoin, or whatever else floats your boat? Whatever you choose, you can now do at more exchanges than my score for Mila Kunis on my celebrity crush scale (a solid 99).
  • 5 Mining Algorithms – Just another amazing security function of the Digibyte blockchain. The use of 5 different mining algorithms ensures the blockchain is safer from attacks (not from the thug stalker this time, sorry). The Digibyte team has also created Multishield (formerly known as Digishield), to compliment the 5 mining algorithms. Multishield adjusts difficulty in real-time for each algorithm automatically ensuring a 51% attack is nearly impossible (not completely impossible as Charlie Lee himself graciously pointed out).
  • 5+ year track record – Naysayers will say this is a negative. You will hear “5 years and still barely a top 50 project”. I respond to those naysayers with a question.” How many projects that were top 50 projects in January 2014 are still in the top 50 today?” The answer for those keeping a tally is 6 (including Digibyte). That is correct, 6! Sorry Hobonickels, Fedora Coin, Copper Lark, and Quark, but you did not stand the test of time (yes those were all real cryptos in the top 50 according to Coin Market Cap 2014 snapshot). The other 5 coins in case you were wondering: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, XRP, and Dash. Thousands have come and went in those 5 years and 6 projects have stood the test of time and maintained consistency in the top 50.
  • Decentralization – 200,000+ nodes (I wish this number were updated for better or worse, so I could state this claim more confidently). No CEO, no Board of Directors, no Investment Management Firms, no scammy ICO. Digibyte can certainly make the claim that is one of the most decentralized blockchains in existence. If I want to appoint myself Digibyte’s official CDB (Chief Digibyte Blogger), I most certainly can. I don’t need Jared Tate’s approval, the developer’s approval, or anybody’s approval for that matter. Now that I say it out loud to myself “Chief Digibyte Blogger”, I kind of like the ring to it.
  • I, Eric Henjum, hereby declare myself Digibyte’s official CDB. All those opposed say “Yep, he has that power, nothing I can do about it”.
  • Innovation – The fact of the matter is, Digibyte has consistently and actively been evolving the blockchain space since its inception in 2014. Since it was forked from Litecoin, Digibyte has been under a constant state of transformation. The Digibyte of January 2014 looks nothing like the Digibyte of today. This should probably be in my top 3, as all of the innovations made to Digibyte have been at the forefront of the crypto space as a whole. Many features created by the Digibyte developers have been used on numerous other blockchains and done so completely open sourced. Few projects can make the claim that they have evolved as much as Digibyte. Digibyte has gone from Litecoin’s youngest baby sibling to the grown up, more masculine, more handsome sibling that everybody admires and tries to replicate. Pretend cryptos are the Wahlberg brothers. Bitcoin is like Jim, Arthur, Paul, and Robert Wahlberg combined. Very important in the family structure and helped their younger brothers become who they are today. Then comes Litecoin, the Donnie Wahlberg of the family. The better looking, more successful brother, but still has quite a few flaws. Last comes Digibyte, the Mark Wahlberg of the family. The sexiest, most loved of the bunch (The Funky Bunch).
  • Transaction Fees – Nearly non-existent. Even if Digibyte becomes the most widely used crypto and worldwide adoption happens, the fees would still be minimal. Enough Said.

Digibyte’s Top 3 Features or Assets (According to Me)


Speed – This is initially what caught my eye, like Mila Kunis standing in a room full of rejects. Digibyte has an average transaction time of 15 seconds, compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute transaction time and Litecoin’s 2.5 minute transaction time. My 5th grade math skills tell me that Digibyte is 10x faster than Litecoin, and 40x faster than Bitcoin. Due to Digibyte’s block size increase, coded to double every 2 years or so, it also leads in the Transaction Per Second (TPS) race. Bitcoin currently sits around a whopping 6 TPS, while Litecoin can handle over 9x that of Bitcoin at 56 TPS. Digibyte makes that look like Child’s Play (not the epic 80’s movie). Digibyte currently has the ability to handle 560 TPS, which is currently 10x faster than Litecoin and 93x faster than Bitcoin. This year (2019), Digibyte will again double its block size and will be able to handle up to 1,080 TPS. By the year 2035, Digibyte will be able to handle 280,000 TPS. To put that into perspective, Visa currently handles about 1,700 TPS based on their official claim of 150 million transaction per day. Theoretically, Digibyte could handle 24,192,000,000 transactions per day by 2035 (That is over 24 billion transactions per day!)


Jared Tate – Jared is the creator and founder of Digibyte. Jared is not the President, the CEO, or self-appointed dictator (though I suppose he could if he wanted to be). Every person in the Digibyte community already know’s Jared’s importance as the creator and lead developer. We see his continuing commitment and passion for the project. We see him remain humble, where others have drowned in their own ego. We see him engage the community members and encourage the efforts of every individual (he even liked my tweet!). We witness him volunteer crazy amounts of his personal time to these efforts. We have seen first hand the man’s genius and leadership skills. Jared does all of this with no promise of riches, as he is not holding any bags of a pre-mined ICO. He chooses to stay partially in the shadows while feverishly working and developing the Digibyte project. Jared Tate does not dream of being a celebrity like Craig S. Wright, or bask in the glow of the lime light like Charlie Lee. He doesn’t sweat cockiness out of every pore like Richard Heart, or pressure young girls into sexual favors like EOS’s Brock Pierce(Too Far?). Jared Tate is still Jared Tate, and that is what sets him apart from so many others in this space. If I could make my own personal crypto creator dream team it would look like this: Satoshi himself (the Michael Jordan of the team), Jared Tate (the Scottie Pippen who glues the whole team together with his creativity and unselfishness), and Vitalik Buterin (the Dennis Rodman type whose lovable strangeness and inner genius makes sure the team is cohesive). Although we recognize Jared Tate’s work ethic and genius within the community, he still flies under the radar in the crypto community as whole (and I would bet he prefers it that way). 


The Community – I touched on this in the intro, but this community is undoubtedly Digibyte’s numero uno asset. To those who are here, and to most who are reading this, it comes as no surprise. This community has so many big personalities like the Youtube influencers like Digibyte Dan, and The Crypto Mug Investors (My Digibyte People!!!!!, What’s Good Guys?). To the educators of the bunch like CryptoCurrently and Amon Unlimited, whose valuable skills showcase Digibyte’s technological advances as well as other works of the community. To the members of the Digibyte Awareness Team (DGBAT), who tirelessly work spreading the Digibyte Gospel, and working countless hours behind the scenes ensuring Digibyte stays a leader in the crypto world. To the core development team doing all of that nerdy coding that continues to make Digibyte the greatest blockchain in existence. To the countless others in the Telegram groups, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, and all over other social media outlets. We come from different countries, different religions, different political affiliations. Some of us devote nearly every passing moment contributing to the project, some of us may only check periodically for updates and silently cheer from the sidelines pulling for the underdog. No matter our differences or our contributions, we all have at least one thing in common.

We Are Digibyte!