Digibyte and its Supporters

Digibyte is one of only a few truly decentralized open sourced UTXO blockchains to survive multiple altcoin bear cycles. No matter how cold the winter is, Digibyte and its supporters remain unfazed by the bone chilling freeze. The thing is, no matter what the price is when I check Coin Market Cap, I still feel the same passion, compassion, and determination from nearly every member of the community. Even in the dark depths of Crypto Twitter and Reddit, the bright radiating warmth of this community is noticeable. Even when the nastiest of trolls emerges from beneath their wretched bridges, they are met with kindness by most in the community. Sure we have some very opinionated people in this Digifam, but even those opinions are formed out of passion and care.

Support for the Digibyte blockchain comes in many forms. We have community and community groups who devote hundreds and thousands of hours worth of their free time supporting, developing, and evangelizing Digibyte. DGBAT (Digibyte Awareness Team), DUN (Digibyte Unlimited Network), and others help bring awareness to the project via Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Blogs and more. Some Digibelievers spend their time, not behind a keyboard, but rather out in fresh air giving speeches, lectures, Q&A’s, and more to help spread real world adoption. Others support by simply buying Digibyte and spending it at merchants who accept “The Blue Dollar” (trademark pending). No matter how these supporters are contributing to the project it is safe to say that all of us truly believe in this project and everything Digibyte stands for.

Digibyte also has many companies who support the project. One thing I have noticed about each and every one of these companies, is the fact they share most of the same sentiments in which the above groups and individuals share. Companies such as Coinbook, ChangeAngel, Vertbase, Block 30 Labs, BitFi, and so many more contribute to the project. Sure they want to ride their lambos to the moon with the rest of us, but they all strongly believe that we are all better as humanity if projects like Digibyte, Litecoin, and Vertcoin are the rocket fuel that blasts us off. The sole reason they support these projects is the overwhelming realization that open sourced decentralized blockchains is the only path that empowers all of Earths inhabitants. They too can see a future where these blockchains allow us to be our own banks, allow us to control our own assets, allow us to have a voice in our governance, and allow us to verify and control our own identity.

Imagine walking into a convenience store and purchasing a soda (or if you are from Minnesota, a “pop”) and a bag of chips with the simple swipe of your phone and paying the merchant 1.5 Digibyte. Or, imagine logging in to Wells Fargo (if they survive until 2025) and setting up a recurring payment via your Digibyte App to pay your monthly mortgage of 560 Digibyte. That is what the next leg of this crypto journey has in store for all of us. Adoption and ease of use will be vital for any major adoption to occur, however, after the next financial meltdown (coming soon to a country near you) a parabolic rise will occur in adoption. Traditional banks will fail and companies trying to stay relevant and succeed will adopt cryptocurrencies at an alarming rate. As soon as the big players adopt (FAANG), others will rapidly follow suit and start accepting crypto as payment. Want to buy toilet paper on Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep by the time you are done pooping? pay 3 Digibyte to Amazon and Boom! Done! Want to order Dominoes at 2 a.m. after a night of binge drinking? Pay 5 Digibyte to Dominoes with the tap of a button and Boom! Done! Want to send Billy 15 Digibyte for mowing your lawn? Scan his QR code on his flyer and Boom! Done!

These cryptos will also play a major part in worldwide elections by the year 2035. Each citizen of any given Country, State, County, City, District, etc. will all be given the ability to vote using a secured blockchain. This ensures everybody is counted and all votes are transparent. Is your school trying to pass a new referendum? Use your Digibyte app on your phone to cast a vote sitting in the comforts of your own living room. Will this happen by 2035? Without a doubt. Will Digibyte or any other open sourced, decentralized blockchains be used by our governments? More than likely not. Governments will create their own blockchains for this purpose (They will never give up control or power voluntarily). Even if our favorite blockchain is not used, governments around the world have already taken notice.

What is going to ensure Digibyte is part of these future plans? The community. All of us continuing to push forward with development, adoption, and awareness will guarantee Digibyte a spot as a crucial player in the main event. We are not going to be driven away by the many obstacles that lay at our feet. We are not going to jump ship when our ship hits rough seas. We will hurdle every obstacle thrown our way and delight that the rough seas has brought a strong enough breeze to push our ship even faster.

When others are fearful, remain fearless
When others are fearless, enjoy the ride
Take chances not risks
Fight for your beliefs
Believe in yourself

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