$4.10 Digibyte During Next Bull Run?

So, I will start with the fact that my math skills are par at best. I am no Einstein and I am not claiming to be. I do however have my basic 3rd grade math skills still floating around in this scattered brain of mine somewhere. Let’s start with Bitcoin (The O.G. of cryptos). When I arrived in this crypto space, like most of you, I had only heard about Bitcoin. Bitcoin was a magical internet money that I could use to gamble. Bitcoin was hovering around $200-225 when I arrived in 2015. People would talk on Reddit and other platforms of the day Bitcoin might hit $20,000, and I would laugh to myself (I had to laugh by myself, because nobody else cared about crypto) and think that it was not only impossible that number would be reached in my lifetime, but  the government would definitely shut it down if it were ever to get remotely close to that number. Some crazies were even talking about a million dollar Bitcoin (long before John McAfee) and I was thinking I would eat my own penis if that happened (please Google John McAfee Bitcoin penis if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Now 4 years later, Bitcoin has already hit that magical number of $20,000 and proven that a million dollars is not only reachable in my lifetime, but even in the next 10-15 years it is a very real possibility. I have personally witnessed Bitcoin do 100x gains in under 2 years, and it has done so multiple times in its short history. Lets look at a conservative number and talk about a 100x gains in Bitcoin from its new 2019 low of around 3,200 according to Coin Market Cap. It is not unrealistic to say another 100x run will occur in the next 10-15 years (if not sooner). This would put Bitcoin at $320,000 each.


Okay, now that we all agree on Bitcoin’s possible price (lol), lets discuss Digibyte! Digibyte had a price of $.014 on December 12th, 2017, or 85 satoshis. Bitcoin was already well on its way to the top on December 12th, 2017 and was around $17,491. It is important to note that altcoins have historically lagged behind their master, so no need to be discouraged when watching Bitcoin rise astronomically and Digibyte is losing Satoshi value. Over the next 4 weeks, Bitcoin found its all time high, and by January 9th it was retracing and back to $14,895. In that same 4 weeks Digibyte seen its price rise from $0.014 (85 satoshis) to $0.1202 (801 satoshis) by January 9th. That is roughly a 9.5x increase in satoshis. Now I attempt to do some math using current numbers:

Bitcoin Price Today (May 9th, 2019): $6,125 (bull run?)

Digibyte Price Today (May 9th, 2019): $0.01 (exactly .01 as I look at CMC, makes for easy math) or 166 satoshis.

Lets assume that a bull run has already started and we see another 50x run on Bitcoin starting today.

Bitcoin: $6125 x 50 = $306,250

Digibyte: 166 satoshis x 9.5 = 1,577 satoshis.

Now lets assume the next run perfectly mirrors the last bull run. Bitcoin retraces 15% in the following 4 weeks.

Bitcoin: $306,250 x .85 = $260,312.50

Digibyte: $260,312.5 x .00001577 = $4.10

This assumes Digibyte maintains its satoshi value it currently holds of course which is almost double where it was before the last Digibyte bull run. Again, I am no math wiz, but I feel like this is definitely possible in the next few years. If Digibyte could climb in Satoshi value and CMC rank before the height of the next bull run, this number could be a lot higher, and even it falls to its previous levels of satoshi value, you would still be looking at a value of over $2.00 per Digibyte. Remember, the future of the whole Crypto/blockchain space is bright, and this coin shines a little brighter than most.



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