Modern Imperialism

The age of imperialism seems to be a forgotten past. Rarely do we see the type of forceful invasion of another country as we have experienced for hundreds of years on this God forsaken planet. Rarely do we see men march to certain death at the command of tyrannical leaders. Does this mean imperialism is dead?

If we pull away the veil and abandon our antiquated views of the word, we discover our new bride is the same whore in better disguise. It is no longer in a governments best interest to blatantly rape and pillage. Those tactics are only used for theatrics in the 21st century. Imperialism in modern times does not attempt to hide, instead it follows like your shadow mimics your every movement only noticed when a child gleefully mentions its existence.

A wise man once said “Money is the root of all evil”. What that wise man failed to mention is money is the root, but also the fruit that evil bears. At some point after the industrial revolution it was discovered that blood shed, though effective, was feeble compared to the cancer named materialism. Materialism in the United States peaked near the middle of the the century and was sold under the guise of prosperity to the American people. Patriotism was not only deemed mandatory, but our possessions encouraged our self-conceit. Control now became as simple as inflating ego, which is unsurprisingly elementary. The formula is to distribute sufficient wealth to individuals to purchase meaningless possessions and give appearance of affluence, in return they grant obedience.

Governments quickly realized triumph and started planning expansion using this method. The United States was the first to perfect this form of imperialism and successfully used these tactics to overthrow governments, influence elections, and indoctrinate as many of earth’s inhabitants it could reach. With the rise of the internet, this gave other governments a level playing field and we are seeing the evolution of imperialism take form right in front of our greedy little eyes.

There is only one path to escape and the four lane highway leads to financial freedom. To rise above the fiery grip of these oppressors we must take back our wealth. Only when this happens, do we get to taste the remarkable independence not even our forefathers have experienced. We must fight fire with freedom, pain with opportunity, strain with aspiration, and oppression with DEMOCRACY. Take back our worth and victory is inevitable.

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One thought on “Modern Imperialism

  1. interesting thoughts…. I would however suggest that money is not the root of all evil….it is the LOVE of Money that is that root.


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