What is the Best Way to Promote Digibyte?

From Spamming to Space Shuttles

Digibyte is an open source, decentralized blockchain. Therefore, there is no ICO money to throw around at exchanges or “influencers”. All Digibyte developers, community members, and supporters are all non-paid volunteers. There are numerous people like myself who take time out of their day to write blogs, create Youtube content, share and create twitter posts, help support on Telegram, etc. These ways of supporting the community are all great, but without money it seems like it is nearly impossible to create “buzz” around this blockchain. Spamming on Social Media, or spamming via sticker awareness like Digibyte Spammers on Instagram seems to create more annoyance than actual adoption. Creating Digibyte specific marketing is amazing, yet seems to have a hard time branching outside of the core Digibyte community. So how do we create FOMO? How do we create hysteria? How do we create the next “can’t miss investment”?

What do all the coins in the Top 7 have in common? Visible or Celebrity like leaders. Bitcoin has the mysterious Satoshi Nakamato. Litecoin has everybody’s favorite uncle Charlie Lee, EOS has the lovable nerd Dan Larimer and child actor and fellow Minnesotan Brock Pierce. Ethereum has the “boy genius” himself – Vitalik Buterin. XRP may not have a celebrity like figure at the top, but they can pay the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres to promote their coin. Bitcoin Cash has Roger Ver. Binance Coin has CZ and the power of fraud. Even though all of these gentlemen are not universally loved, they all have huge influence in the space and make themselves visible. They spend more time promoting then they do developing these days. I personally think it is time for Jared Tate to take that next step from nerdy coder living in the shadows, to the celebrity we need. He is more likable than most of these other guys and has more personality to boot.

Who created Bitcoin and what for? Satoshi Nakamato and the other initial developers such as Hal Finney, Nick Szabo, Craig S. Wright, Gavin Andersen, etc. all started Bitcoin with one goal in mind. Create an open sourced blockchain that could be used as a peer-to-peer cash system. This would allow “The People” to control their own finances and be free from the confines of government fiat control. A system that could not be controlled by politics, the rich, or the powerful. A system where “we” controlled it. I think it was no coincidence that the other headline captured in the newspaper article on Bitcoin’s Genesis Block reads: “Israel Prepares to Send Tanks and Troops into Gaza”. With this in mind, I believe our community needs to target the men who made Bitcoin a reality. These are the gentlemen that hold the same ideals Digibyte represents. Bitcoin and its forks seem to be caught up in scaling debates and politics and is a far cry from what Satoshi envisioned. It is my belief that Digibyte is what Satoshi had envisioned and what could finally lead society into a peer-to-peer cash system. Scaling solved, low Tx fees, decentralized, grass roots, etc. I think it would be in our best interest to promote Digibyte to this group and welcome them into the Digibyte community where they can once again develop Satoshi’s true vision.

What are some other projects which have succeeded using only a grass roots movement? Bitcoin – The original crypto which started with an idea and evolved into a powerhouse. The original developers were impassioned by morals and integrity not greed, like so much of the others. Still to this day, much of Bitcoin’s success is owed to grass roots, word of mouth adoption. The media coverage and other attention it receives is not from paid promotion or celebrity influencers, but relies on its own merit. Dogecoin – Created as a meme and meant to be a silly joke, Dogecoin turned into maybe the largest of the grass roots movement. People to this day still buy and trade this coin and still come together as a community for fundraising and charity causes. Dogecoin proves that sometimes it is not the technology or the celebrity, but rather the staying power of the internet and a meme. Digibyte – though not as popular as the first 2, there is something to be said about the following and devotion of many in this community. Perennially a Top 50 coin on CMC and one of a few that is based on morals and integrity, Digibyte holds strong in the ever changing world of ICO’s and get-rich-quick scam coins.

So how do you think Digibyte should market itself? Stay the current path and continue its rise as a grass roots blockchain? Jared Tate become “the face of Digibyte” and be more visible? Try to bring in Bitcoin O.G.’s (Original Gangsters) that helped create an entire ecosystem and sell them on Digibyte’s vision? Continue using Social Media as a platform to spread Digibyte Awareness? Please let me know how you would like to see Digibyte move forward.

One thought on “What is the Best Way to Promote Digibyte?

  1. Another great article. I agree, we need more of Jared. Josiah and Rudy are great representatives as well, but there needs to be some more voices as well. When news comes out, there needs to be a bigger news buzz. There are too many things they DigiByte does very well. #top10


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